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I don't seam to find the go to load color set icon on the display for editing. I find this when I am creating a plot and in the legend I want to display multiple colour sets.

Hi Am Rester

To create this wf you use the create wf using the Build Wireframe|Proportional length option. Click on the internal string and click on the external string and there you have your doughnut wf.


Hi Yes I have had lots of experience using MM in the production environment. I have used it in Gold (Open Pit), Manganese (Open Pit and Underground), Copper (Underground), Coal (Open Pit and Underground). I do not like to compare software packages as each have their strong and weak points. What is important is to understand these and how to use the software properly.



I also have the same problem with the strings not honouring the ramps. So would be very greatful if this can be incorporated sooner than later.