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Thanks Ron

I'll get in touch with you via email to make arrangements. 

Hi guys

Thanks for the feedback. I spoke to the developers about this issue-  we are keen to address the problem. 

Adding a filter option to the import tool may not have the desired effect as the unwanted records would still need to be processed. However optimizing the parsing mechanism should lead to significant improvement  in processing time. 

We would be very grateful if one of you was willing to go through the hassle of sharing a large BM file with use for testing. 


Hi Alfonso

Thanks for the question.

Your observation is correct.

A lot of the interactive tools do not have macro process options because they require interactive intervention by the user as part of the workflow. In your case, you would need to select the rings or drives to run the function on. 

We are happy to look at adding a macro process support for this function if you think it will be beneficial. 

Hi there 

In the latest versions, Micromine provides the ability to add custom keyboard shortcuts.

Older versions of Micromine (such as 2014) include pre-defined hot keys for many actions. 

You should be able to find a list of these in the Help- by searching for ''Vizex Hot Keys".



Hi Steve. 

The reason for this is that Surpac models use ''super blocks'' (essentially very large blocks) to represent large areas of void. Micromine models on the other hand use  standard blocks (as per the model's block size definitions) to represent these areas.  

For example a surpac model could use one 100x100x100 block to represent a void region with a void volume of 1 mil where as a Micromine model would create 1000 blocks to represent this region (if the parent block size was say 10). 

Surpac's super blocks may seem like a good idea but the actually lead to other block modeling limitations.

In Micromine you could easily, sub-set the imported model (File|Filter|Subset) by filtering out these void blocks. This would reduce the size of the model. 

Hi I'm not sure exactly which project you are referring to but designing blast blocks simply involves generating polygons The shapes need to be to be adapted to suit the bench geometry, provide suitable flexibility or scheduling  and optimise fragmentation. 

Hi there

One of our resident Geo's may be able to provide better suggestions but I would recommend looking at the File|Utilities|Duplicate Records tool to flag /delete and report on any duplicate records in your file.

You could also use the File|Fields|Validate to check for any typos in a field comprising of something like rock codes. To do this you need to check your file against an Check File which comprises of the correct rock codes. Micromine uses this is check each record and flag any typos or inconsistencies.

Another quick way to review the fields in a file is to open it in the File Editor, select a field and click on the Stats toolbar to get a quick summary for the various records under the selected  field. 

Hi there

Please send an email to

We will forward you the details of where the installation file can be obtained.