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Validation dependent on value in another column

Louise S 7 years ago in Geobank Mobile updated by Derek Vincent (Moderator (AUS)) 7 years ago 1

I'd like to create a validation that requires a value in one column if there is a certain value selected in another column.

Specifically, if STD is selected in the Sample Category column then I want the QAQC column to require a value.

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This is possible using composite rules - simplest is to first create the two sub-rules as …A and ..B - e.g:

'1A - Sample Category is STD’ (equality rule) and

‘1B - QAQC column not blank’ (required rule)

Then create the IF –THEN composite rule a ‘1 - Validate that all Standards have a QAQC code’

Naming them in this way, keeps then together and in sequence in the list of rules