GB2022 ST Receipt doesn't recognize missing elements

Amarjargal 1 year ago in General updated 1 year ago 4


A receipt is not detecting/flagging the missing elements in the "Analyses Requested" list. It shows all the despatched combos with a green sign. 

Should the receipt flag the missing element from the file underneath? 

If not a person who is doing a receipt should go through the file manually to check if the element/combo is missing from the requested list. And the GB shouldn't show the green sign for the analyses requested, as it gives an understanding that all the analyses requested are present in the file. 



Hi Amaraa, Gantogtokh and Togi,

Thank you, Gantogtokh, for the screenshot you sent to me - now it is easier for me to understand the question.

I tested that scenario, and yes, the top grid with a list of Analyses Requested (which is what you wanted from the laboratory to analyse) shows everything with no marking of the missing element/combo.
So only by looking at six, in your case, results on the second grid (Analyses Received) someone may have a clue that something is missing.
Later, when you close that receipt, the geobank will generate the Results Received report where again it will be only actual results sent from the laboratory but no help to identify what was missed.

On the other hand, if we look at the legend, we'll see no specific icon representing this kind of not received results cases.
So possibly it was not even been designed to mark them. 

I will consult with developers and, depending on their answer, will either log a bug or log an improvement ticket for them to do.

Best Regards,

Hi Toli,

Thank you for the reply. I am hoping this will be fixed as bug :P. 




Hi Amaraa!

Possibly it will be not fixed as we are expecting it to be. 

There is a bigger plan in development which is scheduled to be released in the next version (or SP). 

The plan is to introduce a concept of buffer tables specifically for the sample tracker type of data.
Having this intermediate storage place will give a change for validating/fixing records before they will end up in the live usual sample tracker tables. That new ability will be made optional, so we'll have a chance to load either from these cleaned buffer tables or the same as now directly from the lab files.

Bets Regards,