Merging records

Andrew P 3 years ago in Geobank Mobile updated by Gustavo Torres 2 years ago 1


I'm finally getting the synchronisation process going but before it goes much further I have the issue that holes might be started on one Toughbook and completed on another. How do I merge the data rather than replacing it as part of the sync process?

I guess by way of an linked extension to this is that the Geos create the sample intervals in a Samples tab on their profile, but the Fieldies use the sample tab in their profile, on their machine, for the cutting and SG measurements. It is essentially the same  tab field. Can I link the data from it across profiles? Or is copying the info into Excel from the Geo profile, then pasting back into the Fieldy version the only solution?



Did you try to generate an editable view for geologists to add the information?