Scroll data frame without selecting each row in turn

James Cox 5 years ago in General updated 5 years ago 2

We have a data view with three data frames that allows to user to see a lot of detail. The intent is that the user will drill-down from the first data frame (list of programs) to the second (list of holes) to the third (all pertinent details for the selected hole.)

It takes about three seconds three seconds to fetch all the hole details from the database to populated the lowest-level data frame. That would be fine, except that when scrolling either the first or second data frames the "selected row" in the data frame moves through each row in turn, taking those 3 seconds per row. This locks up the GeoBank interface and makes selecting a program and hole quite a chore.

Even using the scrollbar doesn't quite help, because the grid does not live-update while scrolling, and when you release the scrollbar the selected row is changed again.

How can we fix this behavior?

I'm happy to demo the problem if it will help.

Hi James,

Sorry for the late reply.

First thing, the fact that it is taking 3 seconds to fetch all the hole details is not normal. It should be a lot quicker than that. We think there is a possible problem regarding the way the query has been written for your data view. The best thing to do  is to ask your database administrator about this issue.

Regarding the issue about scrolling without selecting each row, there is not much we can do for this at the moment as this behavior has been set up in the product and we can't change it. However having an option to lock a selected row is a good suggestion. I will pass this onto our development team  so we can implement it in the future.



Thanks for the reply. If this gets fixed in a future version that would be good for us.