How do you setup validation for zero_widths to ignore surface samples

Lisa Vucemillo 10 years ago in General updated by Derek Vincent (Moderator (AUS)) 9 years ago 3

Hi Lisa,

I presume you are running a drillhole database validation process?

I'm not sure why you would have surface samples in a drillhole database.

If they are point samples in a database they should be separated into an "Event" file (as opposed to an "interval" file.



This is a geobank collar table, not a micromine drillhole database

In the Geobank Data Model Framework the "NO_ZERO_WIDTHS" rule is for this validation test, so to ignore certain records, these records could be put as a different VALIDATION GROUP. Alternatively, in Geobank 9.0.0 there is a separate Point Sampling data model available.