Geobank Mobile Service Pack 2 is now available for download!

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We are pleased to announce that Service Pack 2 for Geobank Mobile has been released.

This service pack contains a number of product enhancements and fixes, based on the feedback received from you and other Geobank Mobile users.

To download the Geobank Mobile Service Pack 2, please head over to our website.

Enhancements of this service pack include:

  • A "Max Database Size" option has been added to the connection string used to connect to the local CE database. This is set at 1024 (1 GB).
  • Word wrap is now enabled automatically when you enter data for a Long Text field type.
  • Read-only tables and columns are now denoted by a Lock icon.
  • Other fixes - See Release Notes
To see the full list of enhancements and fixes included in this release, please refer to the Release Notes document.

We appreciate your feedback and assistance in improving the features available in Geobank Mobile and encourage you to discuss any new features or enhancements you'd like to see right here on the Geobank forum!

If you require support when installing Service Pack 2 please email support@micromine.com