Default (Project) Plan View is back.

Leigh Shayler 10 years ago 0

The Default (Project) Plan View tool used to exist in GBIS and whilst users could achieve the similar functionality in Geobank, it was not obvious. For this reason, we have restored this tool's functionality in Geobank 2013 SP1. You can now find it in the following location:

Image 100

For those that are unfamiliar with the Default Plan View tool, it is used in conjunction with the Default Project tool and allows users to use the Plan View tool without having to perform any configuration. The plan data that is loaded is based on the current user's selected 'Default Project'.

Image 101

We have also improved the zooming and panning functionality in this release. For those that aren't aware, quick panning can be achieved by using the Ctrl key whilst dragging with the mouse.