Geobank 9.0.8 RC New Features

Leigh Shayler 9 years ago in Configuration 0
Hi All,

The Geobank 9.0.8 release candidate has some new features that require a little additional explanation. Please read below for details.

Active Directory - Offline Group Membership
In order to query for group membership while offline, the group needs to have its domain SID saved. This now happens any time a group has been saved and you can view the SID in the following location. Note that the SID will only appear after the group has been saved for the first time so you will need to edit and save any existing groups.

Image 260

Depth Adjust – Force Snapping Setting

In order to force the Depth Adjustment tool to use its interval snapping functionality at all times, administrators can now configure the Depth Adjustment Settings using the Configuration Manager à Settings menu. Overriding this setting will force the snapping behaviour to be enabled and prevent the users from turning off the snapping functionality (this includes the Ctrl + Drag shortcuts for disabling the snapping behaviour).

Image 261