validating complex wireframe solids

Yuliana Proenza 7 years ago in Geology updated by dbartlett 7 years ago 5


I am working with complex strings that were made on section that need to be wireframed into a closed solid. The strings have come from a client, and cannot be modified.

In some cases, there is a point on the string that cannot be included in the wireframe in order to produce a validated wireframe. In this case, I have had to manually delete triangles, and manually re-triangulate, excluding the unwanted point on the string.

In other cases, the strings can all be included in the resulting wireframe but there are intersecting triangles. When I use the "clean" wireframe tool, the output wireframe still has the same intersecting triangle errors. So I still have to manually go through and delete triangle, and manually re-triangulate.

My question is - is there a more automated way to do this? Besides the "clean" wireframe tool which is essentially useless in these cases, I do not see any other repair tools of any use.

I am using Micromine version 12.5.

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I would suggest making a copy of the strings, so you can edit them, using Micromine's string editing tools, before attempting to build the wireframe. If you select the string and then right click to access the right click menu, the condition string tools allows you to delete duplicate point and point that are close together. This should make building the wireframe much easier and make editing the wireframe and individual triangle unnecessary.

Just so you aware, we have also improved the way we condition strings in more recent versions, you can also do an advanced repair on Wireframes in Micromine 2016.

Also, in newer versions of Micromine, the Wireframe build tools have been improved to better handle data which includes duplicate points (and other degenerate cases). Generally it is more robust and can handle more cases before needing to insert tie-lines.

Thank you both for your quick comments!

DBartlett: Modifying the strings is not an option, as they are the basis for the solid volumes of a resource estimate. Each point on the string was chosen based on drill intercepts, and there are no duplicate points. I am replicating my client's work as an exercise in order to compare the volume differences between Micromine and the client's 3D software package, so I can move forward in Micromine modify their volumes as more drilling is completed in the coming months.

On a related note - what sort of differences do you expect to have in volumes generated on the same set of strings between software packages? What is an acceptable variation? Thanks!

Scott P: upgrading to a newer version of Micromine is unfortunately not an option for me at this time. I have to make it work with what I've got!

Part of what makes these strings complex is that some adjacent sections have strings that are quite different from each other. One section may have a string with 6 points, whereas the adjacent section can have a string up to 12-16 points. In addition, points on the string are snapped to drill holes nearby the section in question, creating irregular kinks, etc that complicate this. I have been able to fix all the volumes except for 1 that is quite large with 8 intersecting triangles that require fixing.

Most of the other volumes only had 1, 2 or 3 intersecting triangles where manual manipulation was not too onerous. I have spent way too much time on trying to validate this one particular solid manually, without success, as after I validated the sections with problems, when I tried to connect them to adjacent sections that initially had no validating issues, additional intersecting triangles were introduced.

Thanks again for your input, is there another way besides modifying the original strings?

Remember that you can insert points on the original strings. This does not compromise the integrity of the shape

and will allow you to have an equivalent number of points on adjacent sections.

Another tool, that can sometimes fix triangulation errors, is "Swap Triangle Edge".

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I would expect the volumes to be very close, they may be different based on how much they needed to edit the wireframe and how they closed the wireframe (at the end).

Could you send me your strings so I have some idea what you working with. Email : support@micromine.com