Importing MapInfo Tab section files as Strings with Attributes

keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2
Hi Forum,
I'm new to Micromine but not 3D modeling. Have used Vulcan since it was on a UNIX system. Anyhow, I am trying to import sections into Micromine from MapInfo, which is a GIS software program. The sections are attributed with rock and alteration type. They have the correct X values but the Y is actually the Z value since it is a section. I can bring in the TAB file using Display/CAD/GIS and using North in the 3D orientation. At least this gives me the section in the right view. But when I select all and copy string to the active layer, I loose the attributes. I tried using the File/Import/Vector Data and selecting the TAB file saving as a string file. Then using Display/Strings but the section comes in as a plan view but saves the attributes. Any ideas from the Forum?

There may be a different way that I could use but I need to be able to rotate about a line. So far I cannot find this option in Micromine. The only rotation I can find is about a point.

Thanks for your help.
If your sections are orthogonal this is straight forward: use Import | Vector (CAD/GIS/GPS) data and be sure to check "Import attributes". Type in your desired file name and leave all the fields as default. Then open the file that it made and copy the X,Y values to the correct columns - so in your example copy X to North and Y to RL, then manually enter the East and copy it down for the whole file. This should display in the correct location and orientation with all your attributes preserved.

I haven't found a satisfactory procedure for oblique sections.
Thanks Agata. I got it figured out. Like you said, not sure how to tackle oblique sections.