Announcing Micromine 2016 Service Pack 2

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We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016 Service Pack 2, which you can obtain from the following links:

32-bit update only: http://bit.ly/2a4Mp6p

64-bit update only: http://bit.ly/29PXlDZ

32-bit full install: http://bit.ly/2a4LQtn

64-bit full install: http://bit.ly/29R4a9w

Micromine 2016 Service Pack 2 addresses a number of issues, including:

Graphics rendering and Stability improvements

  • Compatibility improvements and fixes to stop random crashes for some NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards
  • Work-around a bug in NVIDIA Quadro graphics card drivers to fix Vizex text going black after creating a screenshot or plot to image
  • Fixed intermittent hang when generating large resolution screenshots
  • Fixed OpenGL software rendering mode (Mesa) when using scaled fonts in 32-bit Vizex
  • Fixed a crash that may happen when dragging layers in Display tree that contains groups

Python scripting and dynamic field expressions

  • Fixed Python scripting for kriging form sets when referencing an embedded form set
  • Fixed Python scripting BlockModel::Copy call
  • Fixed crash when opening Python script editor window after restoring default layout
  • Fixed dynamic field expressions when using block models
  • Fixed dynamic field expressions and pit optimiser expressions to allow Russian characters in fieldnames

Other changes

  • Fixed Implicit Modelling | Grade to only validate cut-off values when generating wireframes
  • Fixed spurious error when validating drillhole database with filters
  • Fixed incorrect IREDES output when exporting inclined ring
  • Fixed hatch rotation when creating plot files
  • Improved Drillhole | Quick Find to skip hidden layers
  • Improved drag and drop to allow import of Vulcan triangulations
  • Improved Drillhole Log to detect display initialisation problems on Windows 7 and fall back to a compatible drawing mode
  • Improved Strings | Utilities | Coalesce speed when processing very large files
  • Improved Vizex Drillhole layer refresh speed
  • Ensure Plot | Generate Plot File is always active in the menu list when editing macros
  • Internationalisation fixes

Please tell us what you think

Your feedback is essential for the ongoing development of Micromine, so please do feel free to send us a smile or a frown from the Micromine 2016 toolbar.


Frank Bilki
On behalf of the Micromine team

I saw on the start page SP2 now supports drag and drop 00t's. When I tried it there was a really long delay saying 'verifying data..' for a fairly simple triangulation. I was then surprised to see the import form pop-up, was hoping it meant drop-drag and view. Is there a way to have drop and drag view support that work seamlessly without the need to import. As is I don't see the benefit of the new feature over doing a macro import? As always thanks for continually making MicroMIne a better product than it already is.

Hi Geoff,

For the most part, our drag and drop works exactly as you expected: you drag the file into Vizex and it gets displayed. However, there are many formats that we can't display "live" within Vizex, simply because there isn't a suitable Vizex form to display them. To put it another way, you can only display things in Vizex that have a corresponding Vizex form.

Although 00t's look a lot like MM Wireframes, they aren't the same, and we can't simply drop an 00t into the Vizex Wireframe dialog (if we could, it would already be an option). So the next best thing is to automatically open the Import dialog, which gives you a short-cut for turning the file into something that does have a Vizex form. It's not ideal, but at least it stops you from having to hunt around for the right import option.

Having said that, there is obviously a lot of scope for supporting more file formats in Vizex. But please remember that very few of them come with official API's (application programming interfaces), which means we have to figure them out for ourselves.


Thanks Frank, the current import support for Vulcan 00t and bmf files is awesome and works really well. For figuring it ourselves you guys have nailed it.