How do you generate end of hole cordinates?

Ben O 7 years ago in Geology updated 7 years ago 4

Trying to generate dtm for end of hole points for a major drilling program

Hi Ben. There are two ways you can do this:

1) Drillhole | Generate | Downhole Coordinates. This will generate coordinates at either the mid-point, roof, or floor of all intervals in an interval file (e.g. assays). In your case you should use Floor (i.e. bottom). You can also use an event file (e.g. structural measurements).

2) Drillhole | Generate | Drillhole Trace. This will generate a MM file (point or string file) that represents drillhole traces at your chosen point spacing. The final point of each hole should represent the total depth of that hole.

With either method, you then simply delete all of the other points in the file and you should be left with your hole-end points from which you can make a DTM or grid.

  • thanks Erik that was useful...


Even simpler, just save your collar file as a new file called "Endpts.dat". Modify this new file, creating a new field called "FROM" and initializing it to "0". Save the changes. Add Endpts.dat to the drill hole database for your program as an interval file, using "FROM" for From and the total length field as the "TO" field. Now generate the coordinates in this file as Erik suggested, choosing the Floor option. Each hole will just have a unique point desurveyed at the toe of the hole.

Thanks a lot Donald.....your method is really simple and and straight forward !