40% OFF Micromine modelling modules until 23rd May 2014!

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MICROMINE Annual Licence (AL) Program members have until Friday 23 May 2014 to save 40% OFF the price of Micromine’s Implicit Modelling and Stratigraphic Modelling modules.

This significant saving is a benefit of the AL Program. Members are entitled to a 40% discount on the price of new modules purchased within 12 months of their release.

If your AL membership has lapsed and you would like to take advantage of this special, you can reinstate it before Friday 23 May to be eligible.

Implicit Modelling module
Micromine’s Implicit Modelling module is one of the world’s only true implicit modellers. It uses radial basis functions to model grade shells, lithology boundaries, faults or surfaces. Using 3D points or drillhole interval files as input, it generates 3D wireframe solids representing features like lithology units or zones of a specified grade range, or wireframe surfaces such as fault planes or surface topography.

Stratigraphic Modelling module
Stratigraphic Modelling includes an intuitive and visual stratigraphic summary that makes it easy to understand the relationships between layers. Using the module, you can produce the best possible representation of the deposit, instantly view and validate stratigraphy and geological logging between drillholes, and easily visualise complex stratigraphic hierarchy.

For further information about this significant saving, or to reinstate your AL membership, please contact marketing@micromine.com