Announcing the release of Micromine 2016

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We are very pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2016.

Upgrading to Micromine 2016

You may be asked to activate your licence when you first run Micromine 2016. If activation is needed Micromine will display a wizard that guides you through the activation process.

As long as your licence is properly updated and under an active ALF, the activation will be pre-authorised and you should not need to contact us. If you use a different licensing scheme (such as a leased licence), you should contact your Micro­mine account manager for information on activating your licence.But please do contact Micromine Support if you encounter any problems while activating your licence.

What you get

Here is just a sample of what Micromine 2016 offers you:


  • Full Windows 10 compatibility certification
  • New dynamic field expressions can be used anywhere you would use a file field as input
  • New expression-based calculator
  • New Project Manager (File | Project | Manage) gathers project management tools in one place

File Editor

  • New Hide Unfiltered Records option (via Use Filtered Records toolbar button or Filter menu)


  • New 3D PDF output produces interactive PDFs with layer control and interactive rotate, pan, zoom, measure etc.
  • New: Drag-and-drop supported file types into Vizex from outside of Micromine
  • New Project Explorer pane provides direct access to project files; drag files directly into Vizex
  • New layer groups: Load a form set folder or multiple Vizex Forms as a group; add or remove layers from groups in the Display pane
  • New Select toolbar combines commonly-used search and selection tools, including:
    • New Quick Find Drillholes (requires Exploration module)
    • New Quick Find Wireframes (requires Wireframing module)
    • New interactive select point inside/outside polygon toolbar buttons
  • New 3D Shaded (Solid) wireframe draw style caps ends of wireframes where they intersect the clipping plane
  • New Auto block model draw style
  • New Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) display option for Vizex Point layer
  • New: Hold Shift key to automatically open a section in a new window
  • New Vizex smart Snap to Object mode reduces the need to change snap modes while editing
  • New Strings | Polygon Grade Estimate function, with menu and interactive versions
  • New Strings | Polygon Assign function, with menu and interactive versions
  • New String | Utilities | Coalesce function and corresponding toolbar button for intelligently joining multiple strings (requires Exploration or Mining module)

Plot Editor

  • New: Annotations can now be placed directly into a plot layout
  • New: Labels can now be superimposed over hatches in a plot legend


  • New interactive Drillhole Log, a Vizex-like display with many page layout controls and interactive intersection calculations
  • New interactive Drillhole Planning tools including using an existing hole as a template, and designing straight or curved from-collar and from-target designs
    • Create collar and survey files from planned drillhole strings
    • Save Drillholes As and Copy Drillholes to Active Layer functions on Selection menu
  • New Drillhole | Database | Filter options
  • New Vizex String | Utilities | Coalesce option
Charting, Statistics and Geostatistics
  • Enhanced Cross Validation now supports IDW, incorporates all search parameters, and displays results in Vizex
  • Q-Q plot now also supports P-P (probability-probability) mode
  • Semi-variogram map palette can now be displayed on the chart as a colour bar with value tics
  • Improved Stereonet now includes Fisher distribution, pole group definition, raw alpha/beta input


  • New Wireframe Grade Tonnage Material Types reporting, for reporting against complex hierarchical material groups
  • New Wireframe | Generate Strings | Edges function

Resource Estimation

  • New Block Model Assign assigns attributes of rotated and/or sub-blocked models to a target file
  • Improved: Statistical Block Model now supports rotated block axes
  • Improved: Statistical Block Modelling function can now write declustered weights back into input file


  • New Create Mining Blocks option for quickly dividing a solid into blocks for open pit scheduling
  • New: Auto Build Pit quickly creates a pit for evaluation design issues and haul road openings
  • New Auto Re-align Pit Strings option adjusts multiple benches in a single operation
  • New Create Floor Wireframe builds a floor wireframe from underground sidewalls, even when they overlap at different mine levels
  • New Sidewall to Centreline creates the median line between a pair of sidewall strings
  • New Sidewall Centreline Offsets calculates distance between centreline and each sidewall
  • Improved: Sidewall to Solid now processes multiple sidewalls in one pass; supports inclined and vertical sidewalls; improved rendering of complex tunnel endings

Pit Optimisation

  • New Pit Optimiser reporting and charting tools: Display and report your results directly within Micromine
  • Significant Pit Optimiser workflow and user interface overhaul; now divided into separate Setup, Optimise, Analyse dialogs
  • New Pit Optimiser Database file caches modelling parameters and pit shell properties to eliminate unnecessary recalculations


  • New: Scheduler is now divided into separate long-term (production) and short-term (activity) schedulers
  • New: Optimised long-term schedule output based on industry-standard mixed-integer linear programming solvers; choose from inbuilt or external solver engines
  • Improved process for importing mining blocks into the scheduler: use an attribute to name and organise task groups

Stratigraphic Modelling

  • Improved: Interburden is now optional, making it easy to model a sequence of consecutive lithologies

Implicit Modelling

  • New: Implicit Modelling Structural Trend incorporates a locally varying structural trend in the modelling process
  • New RBF solver options: choose from sphere covering, partitioned, or full RBF
  • New Implicit Model Output File option saves a mathematical implicit model for later reuse
  • New Output Implicit Model option renders a mathematical model as a wireframe or assigns model values to existing points

One small problem has been found with the release that mainly affects beta testers; Micromine 2016 may keep advertising a new version is available even though you are running the final release build of Micromine 2016 (16.0.812.0). Obviously this can be a bit annoying.

To fix this requires a few stale (beta) registry keys to be removed. To do this simply download the attached .reg file and right click Merge it, or double click the file. Windows will warn you that the change may be unsafe and ask you to confirm. Rest assured, the file is safe (for the cautious / suspicious a you can open it in a text editor to review the registry keys that are modified before applying it).


Obviously there will be a real version update notification when we release the inevitable Micromine 2016 Service Pack 1 in the next few months.