Micromine 2016 Launch Event -- exporting drillholes to 3D PDF

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 8 vuodet sitten kansiossa Vizex pävittänyt anonymous 7 vuodet sitten 0

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to follow up on the question of exporting drillholes to 3D PDF that arose at yesterday's post-launch training.

Those who were there will know that I killed Acrobat Reader because I thought it had hung on the data. But it was actually trying to load all of the drillholes in my dataset, not just the ones within the current section.

The main reason for loading everything is because you can set up section views in Acrobat Reader in much the same way as you would in Micromine. Because of this it doesn't really make sense to clip the exported data. Otherwise we might get into a situation where we visually clip something that's already been clipped, and end up seeing nothing when the two clipping windows don't overlap.

The only reason for clipping the output from Micromine might be to improve the performance of Acrobat Reader. We're looking into it.