Embedded 3D viewing options

Michelle Stokes 7 years ago in Vizex updated 7 years ago 10

I know I can create 3D pdf files for 3rd party viewing, it would be handy if there were a vizex export that could be loaded into a 3D viewer like sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/NSUG. At the moment we are loading dxf files from gocad which can export drill traces as coloured parts, which I can't see how to get MM to do. Can some other export format be provided, e.g. VRML https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/202508396-3D-File-Formats ?

Вид -> экспорт вида визекса -> файл виртуальной реальности

Thanks Geoff, I don't seem to have a .wrl output option. It has X3D and a "type" dropbox, but nothing else comes up in the dropbox (using the 2016 beta).

I see WRL is missing in MM 2016 as well but is there in MM 2014. I wonder why that has changed?

We removed it for a couple of reasons:

  • X3D was supposed to supersede VRML back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. And, although the Web3D Consortium does still mention VRML, it's always as a subset of X3D.
  • Our implementation of VRML was pretty old and clunky

Having said that, it seems that VRML refuses to die and that people still want to use it. Because of that, we're looking at reimplementing it.

Regarding the original question of exporting drillhole intervals, there is an alternative workflow to exporting a Vizex scene, which is more data-oriented than scene-oriented:

Use Drillhole | Generate | Drillhole Trace and use an interval file. When Micromine creates the output traces it will automatically break the segments wherever the interval field value changes.

You can then take that file and export it to a 3D GIS (e.g. 3D shapefile), or CAD format that Sketchfab supports.

Obviously this is of limited use if you want to export an entire scene in one hit.

Actually, no it's quite useful. We can merge dxf files pretty easily. SHould it then be Sketchfab importing X3D I should be chasing up? Has it become a useful standard? I know nothing about 3D graphics (as you can see!).

It's hard to say. Given that X3D is not on their list of supported formats, about the only thing you can do is ask them to implement it.

You can also export the whole Vizex 3D scene to AutoCAD DXF / DWG formats using View | Export Vizex Scene to | AutoCAD (it is also on the main view toolbar) . I am not sure if this exports the data in a way Sketchfab requires, but it certainly works for AutoCAD.

Micromine 2016 Service Pack 1 has been released - and the good news is that we have added an improved implementation of VRML export back in.