Displaying Annotated Structural data at Points

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I've got ~200 structural measurements to display, all with XYZ cords, is there a tool to display the Oriented Structure?

I know there is Oriented Structure Trace for drillhole databases, however I require one for normal DAT files,
any ideas?



If you just want them in plan you can use the points option and select the structural symbols (filtered for each structure type or create a specific symbol set), you just need to ensure the strike attribute refers to US Right Hand Rule (dipping down to the right when you look along strike), then when selecting the symbol angle field you select the strike attribute. This plots them correctly with the tick pointing to the correct side. You can update the field based on a Dip direction using the field calculator, some filters and a whole lotta mental gymnastics...

Only works in plan though!

If you want 3D wireframes you can create them as wireframes using the Bedding plane from Points option.

This will create 3D triangles of the structural data - just filter for the various structural elements so that you can display different structures as different colours. This will also give you "apparent dips" when you section through them.

Hope this is what you are after.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the reply. This will do.

My next issue I've run this , and having trouble setting the legend on these.

I'm presuming I use the 'Colour Coding' option when I load up the wireframe?
Essentially I'd like to have joints 1 colour, faults another, foliation another etc



No worries Justin,

There are a couple of ways to do it. I create different wireframes for each of the structural types and display them separately because as a Structural Geologist by training I do not like mixing my structures - it means I can easily individually turn them on and off / recolour or re-run as I see fit. I then just load them individually (joints / faults etc) in turn. I store them in a sub-folder under wireframes (Wireframe -> Structures -> Proj_Mapping...) which I can simply drag into the viewer to load all my various structures for a particular project. The other option is to display them as one Wireframe set and then fill an attribute (the code attribute for instance) for each wireframe group with text or code for the joint / fault / etc and create a colour table based on this attribute. You will find you still have to generate the joints, bedding etc individually as individual wireframes (one for Joints, one for Faults etc) and then compile a set with them all added in.


Just to clarify that you would create different wireframes by running the function several times - using a different filter on the input file, and changing the colour and name of the output wireframe, each time.

Thank you Paul for your clarification of my mumbling - my mind is buried deep within a localised MIK estimation and Change of Support processes so I am probably not being as clear as I should...

Clear as mud as they say!