Need Help - All Symbols are square

endaryanto 8 years ago in Geology updated by Scott P (Moderator (EN)) 8 years ago 1

Hi All,

Need help to resolv this problem , every symbols point are converted like this picture ...

Image 1035


The Micromine symbols come via True Type Fonts (TTF) that we install with Micromine. Several years ago we significantly improved the font files and how they are installed.

There is a known issue that the Micromine symbol font files can become "corrupted" if you install older versions at the same time you have newer Micromine 2013/2014/2016 installed on your computer.

Is it possible you have installed Micromine v11, Micromine 2010, or Micromine 2011 on your machine?

Follow these steps to rectify this is problem with the Micromine fonts:

  1. uninstall all the versions of Micromine on your computer
  2. [optional] browse to C:\Windows\Fonts and search for fonts starting with "MM"
  3. [optional] delete any Micromine MM fonts on the system that may have been left behind (in most cases there won't be any)
  4. reinstall Micromine 2014.