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keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated by Keith Whitehouse 7 years ago 9

Hi Forum,

I trying to find the location where to scale strings. In the help section, after I select the string, I right click and there should be a Scale menu in the right click window. It is not there. I've looked all over and can't find anything. Any ideas?



Hello Keith,

It all depends on what you want to do. Are you simply trying to re-size your strings? Are these strings some kind of interpretation (geology or mineralization)? If your strings are straight lines, you can always modify the start and end points to get a specific length. You can also use a grid (which is customizable) to get a better idea of your string sizes. To my knowledge only Plot files and templates can be scaled.




I think it's a dead link to an old function. (The fact that it doesn't link to anything else is a bit of a clue.) I'll have our documentation writer look into it.

Going by the text in the help topic I'd say the modern-day equivalent is to select the string, then right-click and choose Copy/Move Strings from the pop-up menu. You can then enable the Resize option at the bottom of the dialog.

Just to be sure that we're on the same page, are you referring to resizing the entire shape represented by the string (as I've explained above), or do you want to modify the appearance of the line itself?



Just to follow up on this: we've confirmed that it's a dead link from an old wireframe editor that was removed in 2009. It only appears in today's help because it was mis-tagged against the current editor during the transition from the old editor to the current Vizex-based one (they were both available in 2009).

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and apologies for the confusion.

Hi All,

What I needed to do is to scale polylines from UTM meters to feet. I thought I could do it in Micromine by scaling but since there is no scaling anymore I had to resort to AutoCAD. Got it figured out though. Thanks for looking into it for me. Would be a nice feature to put back into Micromine.



It's a trivial calculation in Micromine, which is why you couldn't find a button or menu item to do it.

Here's how:

  1. Open the string file in the File Editor
  2. Click the Calculations button towards the right-hand end of the File Editor Toolbar
  3. Set up the following calculation (using your own field names):

EAST_UTM_MDivide by

Micromine will create the result fields for you, but they'll be added to the end of the file. You can then optionally modify the file structure and move them to a better place.

From then on you can either delete the metric fields altogether, or keep them so you have the choice of switching between measurement units at anytime in the future.

Oh, and one more thing:

"since there is no scaling anymore" is not correct.

The exact function you were looking for is now an option on the Copy/Move Strings dialog. Nothing else has changed: you still get to it by selecting string in Vizex and then using the right-click menu.

Hi Fbilki,

Just dividing by .3048 and going from meters to feet won't help me. I tried it. It will change the location of all the polylines that will then have to be moved individually. In AutoCAD, I can scale the polylines but also use a 0,0 for a starting point. This way the polylines are changed from meters to feet but the location is also scaled and the polylines won't need to be moved after the scaling. Where is the scaling in the Copy/Move Strings? Is it the Resize % at the bottom?


Oh, right. I took your rescaling inquiry to mean you simply wanted to convert your coordinates from metres to feet. Having worked on several North American projects in the past it's something I did pretty often.

Given your most recent comment I have to admit that I no longer understand your scenario. In your earlier post you mentioned UTM coordinates, but I can't imagine the scaled X-Y values having any real-world meaning if the string has been scaled around an arbitrary origin of (0, 0). In UTM coordinates (0 ,0) is the centre of the zone at the equator -- nowhere near North America.

Are you planning to overlay this string with other data, or are you using it to do some sort of area/perimeter calculation?

And, yes, that's the right option. Just remember the units are % and you want to make the string bigger (e.g. 1 metre = 3.28 feet, which is simply 1 divided by 0.3048) so you'd need to rescale the string to 328.084% of its original size, not 0.3048% as you've shown on your screenshot.

In order to maintain the spatial relationship between the string elements use the calculator in the file (text) editor or file | Fields Calculate. Subtract your minimum easting and northing values from the East and north coordinates, scale the values and then add back the amount you subtracted. (ie East - xxx = #1, North - yy = #2, #1/3.2808 = #3, #2 / 3.2808 = #4, #3 + xx = New East, #4 + yy = New North)