Let Micromine Plot Your Optimisation Results For You

Andrew Esmaili 8 years ago in General updated by anonymous 7 years ago 0

We all know how painful it can be when we need to export data to a tool like MS Excel for plotting and reporting. This method could require multiple sources of data to produce a meaningful graph. The work can also be difficult to review and follow if it was not created by you. Nevertheless there is no denying the fact that the outputs from different pit optimisation scenarios need to be plotted for interpretation and reporting.

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Micromine’s new Optimisation Charting tool has been designed so provide an automated tool for producing charts from a single output of the optimisation. The pit optimiser provides an option for storing all its output to a pit optimisation database file. This file is the only input Micromine requires to quickly create meaningful optimisation charts.

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With the new charting tool you can simply specify a database file and the variables that you want to plot. The process is easy as tool provides a drop-down option with the most relevant optimisation variables so you don’t have to sift through irrelevant possibilities. You also have the added flexibility of plotting for specific rock types and elements as well as discounted or undiscounted cashflows. Of course, you still have the option of exporting an optimisation report file to Excel or use the Multi-purpose charting tool to create more customized graphs.

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