Suggestion for IM points snapping

Jurgen Fitschen 9 years ago in General updated 9 years ago 6
I really like the fact that points can be snapped in IM (Lithology and Polygon Modelling) but it would be great to have that functionality when doing the IM Attribute Modelling too - one sometimes needs to tweak some of the IM Lith solids using Attribute Modelling. 
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Under review
You are right Jurgen, we will add the snap functionality to all the IM functions in an upcoming service pack.

Thanks!  That will be awesome!
Point snapping for attribute modelling will be in the next service pack, the other functions will get the enhancement later. Anyway, it is probably not needed for grade, so only fault and point cloud remaining ( not sure if it would be super useful for those 2 functions anyway ... )
Probably would be in Fault mapping Yan - technically a fault measurement in core is a "Hard" contact (variability in true DH location aside) so there should be a way of making a fault "snap" to that point in the drillhole - from a purely pedantic point of view of course!
Thanks! Looking forward to the additional functionality