view a rotated foreign block model in VISEX?

Peter Ronning 8 years ago in Vizex updated 8 years ago 2
I do not have a licence for the Modelling module in MICROMINE. However, in the past I've always been able to use VISEX to look at block models that were generated by other software, provided I receive the models as a text files. Typically I have had to create the dimension fields (_X etc.) but that's easy. However, I haven't previously tried to load a rotated block model into VISEX.

My present problem is that I have a rotated block model that came, I think, out of GEMCOM. I can't find anything in the VISEX dialog box that allows me to tell VISEX about the rotation. Does anyone know if it is possible to do what I'm trying to do, and if so, how would one go about it?

Thanks: Peter

The block model rotation needs to be encoded into the file before you display it in Vizex. That's why you couldn't find an option on the Vizex Block Model dialog.

The normal workflow for handling third-party a rotated model is to import it directly via File | Import | Block Model, provided the text file is properly formatted. The rotations should be correctly handled.

If information is missing (like the dimension fields) then the model needs to be imported as text, like you've done (via File | Import | Text). But then you need to encode the rotation into it via Modelling | Block Model Tools | Convert Imported Data to Block Model.

The downside from your perspective is that this menu option is found in the Resource Estimation module, which you don't have. If this is a once-off then perhaps you can ask someone with the Resource Estimation module to convert it for you?


Thank you for the reply and explanation Frank. There are colleagues working on the same project who will no doubt be able to open the block model and do what needs to be done, but using other software.

Regards: Peter R.