Multiple indicator kriging

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The modelling menu lists a multiple indicator kriging option.  It appears that this is really something different than MIK; i.e., probability-assisted kriging.  Does Micromine have any plans to offer true MIK as an option for estimation method?  This would, of course, include order relations checks and some post-processing options for block support correction. 


Hi Don,

Can you point me in the direction of a relevant reference here please? I've literally just finished updating a bunch of our courseware, during which time I read several references on MIK, and as far as I can tell we're using the same technique as listed in the literature. The only real difference that I can see is how Micromine reports the probabilities for each grade bin. That is a feature we are working on for the next major release.

Don't be deceived by the two Indicator Kriging menu options -- the one labelled "Multiple Indicator Kriging" is the one we recommend. The other one is really only there for backward compatibility.

And, yes, MM does handle order relations. Correction for block support is another issue, which we have historically handled via the discretisation option. My understanding is that this is the most practical way to apply corrections for change of support, so once again I'd appreciate being pointed towards a good (and practically-oriented) reference.

We are actively working on the scope and specifications of these new features now, so please feel free to become involved -- we would very much appreciate your input.


Hi Frank,
The most direct place to point to is GSLIB software package which is public domain.  The source code in F77 format can be downloaded from the Wingslib website.  The programs are IK3D and POSTIK.  I believe IK3D handles order relations.  POSTIK shows the code for applying affine or indirect lognormal support corrections, and other post-processing options.  These are discussed in Isaaks and Srvisistava (1989) and in Journel papers (I am not at my library so can't give full reference).

Hello Frank Bilki.

I am planning to use Multiple Indicator Kriging on one of our projects and I am looking for a good source for MIK tutorial. Could you provide some tutorials or video lesson for this method.

Thanks you

Hello Tsogkhuu,

Other than the classic textbooks that Don has already mentioned, the only other tutorial I have is the one from our Geostatistics and Kriging training course. If you contact the guys in our U-B office I'm sure they can arrange for you to purchase a copy of the manual.

I'm not aware of any video tutorials.