The Align Visex View button on the Variogram Map is great!

ronald reid 9 years ago in Resource Estimation updated 9 years ago 4
Have been using the Variogram Map option today and I just wanted to say the Align Visex View button is wonderful. Being able to see the composites in 3D while working on the variogram map is great for picking the trends in the grade. Every thing starts to make sense!

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Under review
Thanks for the feedback, Ron! It's great to know you are finding it useful. It's part of our focus on keeping our statistics real, and was inspired by one of your forum posts during the Beta programme. :)
Glad to see the feed back is useful and taken on board - mind you all these extra tools and visualisation are telling me that there is a good reason we cant get the estimate right! Now, I wonder which one of the 4 directions (only 3 of which I have marked up) is the important one????
Under review
It's a tough call, but if pressed I'd say the one you haven't marked up is worth a look. Failing that perhaps you could ask your local Gypsy to lend you their crystal ball....
The good ol thumb suck will do, which way is the wind blowing...