3D live vizex plot frame issue.

Tsogkhuu 9 years ago in Vizex updated 8 years ago 7
I uses 3D plot live view many times and When I change frame width etc, some thick lines appearing and it seems not working properly. How can I manage it. I uploaded the issue image and give me advice.Image 769
Please I need help on this problem.
Good day

I am unable to recreate this problem.
Are you trying to change the margins for the entire plot or just the 3D plot (master plot area).
Could you explain in more detail what exactly you are trying to do?

I cannot make it happen either.

David Bussard
Hi Tsogkkuu, I can't recreate the error either. That is probably because I'm using Micromine 2014. Please let us know what version of Micromine you are using? 

If you can't find a solution, a simple fix would be to:
- remove the problem Master Plot Margin
- resize the Master plot window and put the image where you need it to be,
- create a new Empty Frame with no fill to act as the border around the image.

Good luck!


Thanks for your advice.

I can handle it many ways.

Just wanted it easy.
Hi Guys,

Thanks for the reply.

I use Micromine 12.5. I inserted a video about the issue.

I dont want that thick black line or border. I just want border with thin line.

Is there anyone can advice for this.