Changes to scripting in SP1

Yan 10 years ago in Scripting updated 10 years ago 3

We are in our last stages of testing for the first MM2013 service pack. This service pack will add some requested functionalities to the scripting API. Here is a quick list:

  1.  New functions have been  added to retrieve MM file headers information
  2.  New functions have been added to get information relevant to the current project (name and title)
  3. New functions have been added to retrieve information relevant to Micromine (license, version)
  4. Enhance the reliability of exceptions thrown from MMpy.Formset.run when a formset doesn't run properly.
  5. Python file in a link field of the MM file will now be executed using the Micromine script engine.
  6. Many other small enhancements.

If you feel something should be added to the API in future version or service pack, feel free to post on the forum.

It would be nice to make possible interrupting script running. And also to add autosave of script after each run. It will help to avoid of data loss

The autosave is a good idea, I'll see if it is possible to add this to the next service pack. Interrupting a script is possible by pressing the pause/break key. It is still a bit experimental, that's why it is not put foward in the help.

Autosave will be included in service pack 2