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Adding Blastholes to a Blasthole row

jdyer 9 years ago in Mining updated by Andrew Esmaili 9 years ago 1
I am trying to add blastholes to a blasthole row in MM 2013 and MM 2014. There is a button for this on the toolbar but it is grayed out and I cannot get it to activate. I have a blasthole design file as the active layer which in previous versions has activated this feature. Is there something else I need to have up to activate this button?
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The Add, Extend or Move Blasthole Row tools are not activated unless a user has the Display Rows option of the blasthole databased switched on. Once that is  switched on those tools become selectable. A user can still add holes to a row and do numerous other things without needing to do this but tools that relate to an entire row require this setting to be set to on.