Polygon Clipping

keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated by fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 8 years ago 3
Hi Forum,
I brought in some GIS data and now have a pretty good geologic map with hatch patterns. The issue I am having is that some of the polygons are not doughnut inside other polygons. Is there a way to erase polygons inside another polygon to make the doughnut? I've been looking all over the string menu and haven't come up with anything.

They don't support doughnuts at this time. I have been requesting this feature for years. Please add your voice!
Thanks Agata. It is a flaw as all the other 3D programs can. I've only used Micromine for about 2 months now coming from Vulcan. Looking at the way it makes strings, this is where their problem is. You can't make a doughnut the way they have the string format. You will end up with a tie to the doughnut from the outside string.
Hi Keith,

The best way to retain the doughnuts in your GIS data is to keep it in its original format. If you load it directly as a CAD/GIS layer then all of the doughnuts will be honoured and displayed correctly.

The problem lies in the string file format itself, not Micromine's ability to display doughnuts. And, yes, we're very aware of this limitation. The reason it hasn't been fixed before now is because the file format is just too simple to allow it, and creating an entirely new format is very time-consuming (and risky) because it affects the entire application.