Georeferencing in Micromine

David Tennant 9 years ago in General updated by Yan 9 years ago 4
I'm a bit confused as to the functionality of the georeferencing tool in Micromine. If I try to georeference an image with no coordinates (i.e. a plan of an open pit with benches, crests, toes, ramps etc.), it can be quite tricky in that I cannot display a reference image in the georeference window with which to do the georeferencing.  I end up georeferencing in ArcGIS, which is obviously an added step that I would rather not take.

Is there anyone else that finds the georeferencing tool to be quite tricky?
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There is a simple way around this issue. Just open another Micromine and load the reference data into that one. Depending on the available data you might even be able to copy and paste the coordinates directly from the source (e.g. string) data into the georeferencing dialog. Otherwise create a temporary point layer to hold your GCP picks and give you something to copy and paste. The window tiling options on Windows 7and 8 make it easy to arrange the various Micromines.

If necessary you can even do a pseudo on-the-fly coordinate conversion by opening a third Micromine and using it to do the conversion. I've done it many times.

Your comment about the "tricky" georeferencing is noted.

Forgot to say - you copy coordinates by selecting a GCP and then copying its coordinates from the Properties window.
Great, thanks.

This is a good work-around.