3D Block IDW Estimation

Boloroo 10 years ago in Geology updated 10 years ago 9
How do fix this error? Give me advice?

Unable to open block model: ................
Input file does not have properly north-dimension field!

I think the reason for the error is that your fields for block dimensions are not correct.

In Micromine the block dimension fields need an "_" preceeding the fields name.

Usually MM block model files are set to have _EAST, _NORTH, _RL for the x,y,z block dimensions. Try amending the fields and see if the problem continues.
_Znew _Zx _Z _X _Y Zbot East North RL
1211 27 54 5 5 1184 692590 945612 1239

Hello Boloroo,

The dimension field names must be the same as the coordinate field names, with a preceding underscore. Given that your coordinate fields are called East, North, and RL, your dimension fields should be called _East, _North, and _RL. It will work then.


" Unable to calculate parent block size for this model "

How do fix this error????

Can you tell me where the model came from. Was it imported or created in Micromine.

Hi Boloroo

It will be a better idea to send the details of the work you are doing to our support email : support@micromine.com . That we are we discuss things in greater detail.
Hello Boloroo!

So if the fields of the coordinates of the center of blocks were called EAST, NORTH and RL (you can see them as points on the Vizex). Create three (3) new fields with names as _EAST, _NORTH and _RL and fill their the same value, for example 5. It's enough to load your block model like empty in Vizex. The "_" means the fields of size blocks. 5 will be the size of blocks. When you upload the file in Vizex you should choose the fields EAST, NORTH and RL in the first insert "Input Data". I hope you will understand.
Frank has answered your question.

Dear Said!
Thanks for your advice.