Filtering Drill Holes

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Hi Forum,
I am trying out the filtering part of drill hole trace. I would like to filter drill holes that contain RWR13. I tried it using CONTAINS and a * but it only brings back the holes that have numbers at the beginning. It just seems like the wording on the menu is requiring numbers and not letters. Is there a way of filtering using characters?

Hi Keith,

Depends on where you are applying the filter if you are trying to filter a trace or a code within a DH interval table
For example - below you can filter the Database (Filter 2) or Filter the Interval table (Filter 1);

Filters for the drillhole database point of view look like this and filter the database (and only look to the collar table attributes you set up when creating the database) - you would use:

Filters for the interval tables look like this and filter the data within the interval table, here I have filtered a drillhole but you could filter other DH information as well:

**NOTE that if the field you are filtering here is a character field and you have Numeric ticked the filter treats the data as numeric data and that sounds like your issue. If you make sure the Numeric is unticked then the filter treats the data as characters and should give you the results you are after.

Hope that helps


Thanks Ron. It was the drillhole data point window that I was using. I tried "Contain" instead of "Equals" with the * as a wild card. It worked when I just tried it. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
No worries - Glad to help.