Making an ODBC Link

keith fowlow 8 years ago in General updated by sbriscoe 7 years ago 2
Hi All,
I am trying to make an ODBC link from an SQL server to Micromine. What driver should I use to make the ODBC link from the SQL to my computer? I have available MM15.0 SQLite3 ODBC driver, SQL Server, SQL Server Native Client 10.0. So far the SQL Server Native Client doesn't seem to work. I get an error on the access. Have anyone made this connection before? Any ideas from the group?
Hi Keith,

I have set up this connection using the SQL Server client (not the Native Client). It works well and I have not had any issues. I have connected to both the tables and views.


I know this is 7 months old but I'll chip in in case someone finds it in a search.

I downloaded Sql Server Management studio (2014 SP1) and installed it.


I then open up Data sources (type ODBC in windows start menu) and create a User DSN and create a new connection to your database using sql server native client 11

This has worked well for me. although I've found some issues with Micromine having a timeout limit of 15 seconds on the connection. This causes issues on a larger sql view of my database which takes 30 seconds to load. Essentially I made a workaround for that by making a job that creates a table from the view every 6 hours and drops the old table.