Hiding scheduled blocks in Vizex to see blocks below

Philip van vuuren 10 years ago updated by Andrew Esmaili 10 years ago 1
I am new to this so please bear with me. I am an scheduling in MM and am using the wireframe selection option. I am doing this on a 3D pit where the blocks I need to select are below the blocks I have selected. In the vizex environment the blocks I have scheduled shows black. But I cannot see the blocks below for selection. Is there a way I can manipulate this
Hi Philip

There are a few ways to manipulate the visibility of mining blocks in Vizex.

One way would be to select the blocks you want to hide and use the Invisible Object Visibility Filter (View|Object Visibility|Invisible) to hide the selected blocks. You can use these visibility filters in various other ways to modify the data that is visible.

Another option would be to filter the blocks based on an attribute such as "Name" ir "ID"(if each block as a unique value assigned). You can do this by using the Selection by Condition filtering tool. The toolbar icon for this is adjacent the Measure tool. This tool can be used to define filter rules that are applied to a layer in Vizex. For example, you could use this to hide all the blocks for a given RL/Bench if such an attribute has been created for the blocks.

Hope this helps.