Micromine 2014 Service Pack 4 is available for download

fbilki (Moderator / Admin (AUS)) 8 years ago in News updated by anonymous 8 years ago 0
We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2014 Service Pack 4.

Please visit the MICROMINE website to request your copy.

This release includes enhancements and bug fixes that provide improved functionality and stability. To see the full list of changes please refer to the Release Notes.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Scripting (enhanced): Use the new MMpy.FileStruct.fields function to return all of the fields in a file structure.
  • Vizex: Fixed a crash related to using an Intel HD 4000-series graphics card when a wireframe and a block model are loaded in shaded mode in the same session.
  • Vizex: Show more information when Micromine crashes as a result of the graphics card drivers.
  • Stats | QQ Plot: Show the Y variance and Y standard deviation in the correct order within the Properties window.
  • Modelling | 3D Block Estimate | Inverse Distance Weighting: Fixed the application of a variable search when running in mutli-threaded mode.
  • Modelling | 3D Block Estimate | Inverse Distance Weighting: Fixed a rare issue where sample weights are incorrectly calculated when the INVDISTPOW method is used with an ellipsoidal search neighbourhood.
  • Grid | Create: Fixed a crash that occurs when using kriging with a linear or quadratic drift as the gridding method.
  • Stats | Paired Samples: Now supports rotated block models.
  • Various bug fixes, stability fixes and improvements.

As always, we thank you for your constant support. As an active Annual Licence Member you have a unique opportunity to contribute to the ongoing development of Micromine, and we welcome your input, your feedback and your participation. Please feel free to ‘have your say’ by contacting us at support@micromine.com.


Frank Bilki