Filter for only closed lines

Geoff Elson 8 years ago in General updated 8 years ago 2
Does anyone know an easy way to filter only closed lines? In the past I have run calculate area then replicate results on change in join field, but that way is a bit involved.
I ask because things like geology maps with line hatching coming out of Autocad can be a pain to clean.

Working with cad lines can be a pain!

You can do the following:
Display all strings. Drag cursor to select all visible strings. Right click on Vizex view and select 'Select closed strings only'. You can then treat the selected strings however you want- you can tag them for filtering or subset them to a new file.

Sub setting is best done using the copy selected strings to active layer icon.

I've attached some screen shots.

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Thanks a lot. I learn something new everyday.