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Script - Wireframe filter by volume

Pavel Yakovlev (Moderator (RUS)) 9 years ago in Scripting updated 9 years ago 2
Hi everyone.

You can find the script that helps users to filter wireframes by volume. The idea of this script appeared when Implicit modelling functionality was added to Micromine. After running Implicit modelling process some unwanted wireframes can be created that's why we need to exlude wireframes that are too small. The script window is shown below:

Image 651

Specify a tridb file, minimal and maximum values on input. After this you will see wireframes with its volumes in the result frame according to minimal and maximum values. Changing of high and low limits will change the list of output wireframes. If your wireframe consists of number bodies then separate them by volume first using Wireframe\Utilities\Separate.

  1. You can remove excluded wireframes from wireframe set by checking Delete excluded
  2. You can save filtered wireframes as a new wireframe set. The set will be saved only after pressing Save button
This script works in Micromine 2014 only. It's possible to add compatibility of Micromine 2013 if needed. There is a request that can be added in future to the script. The request is to make possible to delete wireframes that don't belong to drillholes. If you have any other wishes then write them here - all of them can be discussed.

Download script here: GUI - Wireframe volume filter.py

Before running the script on your machine, ensure that you have Python installed because it uses Tkinter module that is not built in Micromine. You can download Python using one of the following links:
  • Micromine 2014 32bit – download Python here.
  • Micromine 2014 64bit – download Python here.
  • Not recommended to install several versions of Python on one machine
  • Restart Micromine when instalation process is finished.
If you have any problems, feel free to ask.
Under review
The tool Wireframes | Utilities | Advanced Repair can also remove small volumes from a Wireframe using the Remove Small Volumes option. This does not require the wireframe to be separated before processing.
Yes, it can but this script was created not as a new tool but as an extension. The main purpose of it is to load wireframes according to filtered volumes without changing the original wireframe. Deleting and saving are advanced options. I agree that separation can be included in the script.