Modifying Report Files

kca2z 9 years ago in General updated by Yan 9 years ago 6
Micromine 2011 would calculate our mining blocks to 3 decimals for our gold grades and tons. 2013 and 2014 only gives us 2 decimals. Is there a way to hardcode this back to 3 decimals so we do not have to modify the report file everytime we run the grade calculations?
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Which report are you running ?
I am not sure if it is the same as everywhere else. It is 4.rpt.
this is the report you get when calculating a mining polygon against a grid or block model to determine volume, grade, tons etc...
hopefully this helps as I am a little new to micro mine.

The fields within the report are binary fields so full precision is saved for a given value. However the display precision is only two decimal places by default. Once the report file is generates you can right-click in the Name field, select Modify then change the number of decimal places for the grade fields as desired. Once you hit save and close the dialog the grades in the report will be displayed with the desired number of places. Unfortunately there isnt a way to do this before running a report.

  • OK. That is what we are doing currently. Just thought it would be easy to change the default back like in 2011 so we don't have to modify it every time we run the report, which is a lot. We will probably just do all our grade/tonnage reports in 2011 version. Thanks for the reply and help!

We are in the process of enhancing the functionality to accommodate for this situation as per your feedback/suggestions.

The enhancement will most likely be incorporated in the second service pack of MM2014.
Update: this is going to be in SP1, due for release in the next few days.