2D plot template PTX does not exist

james sullivan 9 years ago in Vizex updated by Yan 9 years ago 5
Hello MM,

I am getting this error message when trying to create a 2d and 3d plot file?
Can you please assist
Thanks James

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Hi James

That error message is appearing because the Plot Template file you have specified does not exist in the project folder.

The easiest work around is selecting one of the many template that are provided within each project by double clicking in the Plot Template file name space and making a selection from the Layout folder.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Andrew, I have look into this Environment folder and its empty? Short of reinstalling is the another way?

Cheers James

james here is a zip file of the folder. Unzip and paste it in the Micromine Profile Folder (File|Explore|User Profile).

This may have some random files from MM2014 as I have that installed but should be fine.

Otherwise re-installing is the way to go.
Thanks again Andrew,

All working well now...James