Service Pack installation error about Upgrade Patch

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When trying to install a Micromine Service Pack this error occurred:

============ Windows Installer ===========

X The upgrade patch cannot be installed by

  the Windows Installer service because the

  program to be upgraded may be missing,

  or the upgrade patch may update a

  different version of the program. Verify

  that the program to be upgraded exists on

  your computer and that you have the

  correct upgrade patch.


=================== ===================


That error occurs when the installation package requires there to be an earlier version already installed on the computer and it is not found, or if an unexpected installed version is found. Example scenarios:

  • Trying to install a Service Pack upgrade for Micromine 2013, but the base version (Micromine 2013) is not installed.
  • Trying to install a release version Service Pack upgrade after using a beta version of Micromine.
  • Trying to install a release version Service Pack upgrade when a much older version is installed (for example trying to apply MM2013 SP2 to an installation of MM2011).


Obtain the FULL installation package (instead of the smaller upgrade/patch package), because that includes the earlier version you require. The website www.micromine.com/downloads only has upgrade/patch installers, so you will likely need to obtain the full version using FTP, or else contact Micromine technical support via

http://www.micromine.com/training-support/support/contact-support  or (preferably) Micromine’s “Contact Support” menu.


  • If you have an installer for the earlier base version then simply install that, before applying the upgrade/patch.
  • If you have a beta Service Pack installed then uninstall that, so you revert back to a release version. Try using the Windows Control Panel to uninstall only the beta Service Pack (select the program Micromine, and then the option “View installed updates”).