Micromine 2013 Service Pack 3 is now available for download

Daria Lvova 10 years ago in News 0
Dear Micromine 2013 User,

We are pleased to announce the release of Micromine 2013 Service Pack 3.

To download the Micromine 2013 Service Pack 3please click here.

Important Information

If you have been using a Beta or Release Candidate build, please use the following link to download the full Service Pack 3 install.

Micromine 2013 Service Pack 3

This release contains some important fixes and improved functionality:
  • Improved efficiency of Wireframe | Assign and Modelling | Block Model Tools | Create Blank when processing complex wireframes.
  • Modelling | Block Model Tools | Reblock has been improved to allow custom origin definition.
  • Modelling | Block Model Tools | Combine: You can now select which input block model to use for the output block definition.
  • New advanced output options added to Modelling | 3D Block Estimate functions.
  • New Display | Annotations | Convert Text tool allows easy conversion of text labels from Vizex objects into an annotation text object.
  • Scripting: it is now possible to run a python script at start-up by specifying the script in the command line
  • Scripting: Various improvements to script editor and python API.
  • Statistics: General improvements have been made to the axis and axis labels in all statistical graph views.
  • Various other bug fixes, stability fixes and improvements.
You can review the Release Notes document to see the full list of enhancements included in this build.
And once again, thank you for your constant support. Please feel free to contact us at support@micromine.com if you have any questions regarding Service Pack 3 release.

Kindest regards,

Micromine 2013 Team