Micromine Dynamic Anisotropy(DA)

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Anisotropy could be crucial for Mineral Resource Estimation. In a domain, different orientation of the mineralization and contuinity could be exist due to flactuating of a vein, etc. I wonder how could you use an application of dynamic anisotropy at Micromine?


Micromine Origin 3d Block estimation functions (IDW, Kriging) have Variable search section to define Search ellipsoid parameters from Block model cells. Each cell can have it`s own Search ellipsoid orientation. You can find it in Block model ribbon - Estimation grou - Modelling parameters tab. 

Image 4338

There are multiple ways to Populate input Block model by these values. One of them is to use Structural trend (Block model ribbon - Variable Trend group) for it. This Trend can be created from multiple wireframes or Structural data.

Image 4339

Then this Trend is used in Populate Block model process (Block model ribbon - Variable Trend group) to calculate Azimuth, Plunge and Rotation fields for Block model.

Image 4340

These values are used in Variable search section in 3d Block estimation function.