Jaco 3 weeks ago in Coal Measure updated by Андрей Ш. (Moderator (RUS)) 3 weeks ago 4
I would like to import an Minescape Grid model into Origin.


Hi Jaco,

If you have regular GRID files, you can open them directly in Origin, via Vizex - Grid Surface layer. 

Or you can import them via File - Import - Grid (Raster) Data.

Image 4069

Hi, these are all formats that support Import-Grids function. Could you export your grid to one of this format using Minescape? 

Image 4070

I have tried importing using the Grid(Raster) Data option and got the following error:

Image 4071

I am not familiar with Minex, I was given a Minex grid file and asked to convert it to a Deswik readable format. But I can find out as a work around.

send me one of the files you are trying to import to ashulga@micromine.com

I'll see what I can do