Calculating length of a line to extract DH details

ronald reid 8 months ago in General updated by Thierno 8 months ago 3

I have been sent a DH program plan that was built in Surpac and was supplied as surpac strings, which I have imported as a MM string file. As a result each "drillhole" in the file comprises two points per string, a collar coords point and an EOH point. I need to obtain the following information from each string in the file of drilling:

Hole length,

Hole inclination

Hole azimuth.

and possibly Generate a unique HoleID

What is the best way to populate the string file with these details in Micromine?

Hi, the best process for it is Desurvey Strings. 

Image 4032

Please, use Search or find it in Design ribbon - Utilities group - Desruvey

Image 4034

String JOIN field can be used as  Hole_ID filed. 

Image 4033



Perfect, thank you. I had forgotten about this option.

Hi Guys , 

I need to evaluate the drilling coverage in open pit mining areas split by period (Mth ,QTR,YR)

So i have existing drilling database with all informations, the planned holes drilling database and the area of mining in wireframe (surface and solid )

What is the best way to evaluate the drilling coverage  of an area in MM.


For any other question please let me know.