Processing demand and project structure

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Hi, I'm quite new to Micromine and am wondering if Micromine only needs to process the current, open vizex layers, or if having multiple saved vizex layer packages in the one project compounds the strain on its processing power. When dealing with multiple data-heavy Vizex layers, are you better off having separate projects to limit the amount the project has to process? Some files overlap between my projects but I try to clip my data as much as possible to keep them relevant to smaller areas, to make it run more efficiently. But if the software is only processing the visible layers, then I can keep everything in the one project without wasting processing power.

Likewise, does filtering large datasets within a formset to show smaller subsets of data significantly increase the processing requirements? Am I better off clipping the data file itself into multiple, smaller subsets and having them in differnt vizex views?



Hello Tom,

Filter the large data and make it smaller subsets would make the process faster. 


Hi Tom,

Micromine Origin will only need to process the layers that are currently displayed in Vizex. It doesn't matter how much data is stored in other saved layers as long as they are not being displayed.

Filtering larger sets is a good idea. It may slightly slow down the loading of the data because the filter needs to be applied when the data is loaded into Vizex but once it is loaded it takes as much processing as a subset file would do. Whether you want to subset your data really depends on how you want to work. I commonly use both methods.

It's worth noting that we have made some significant improvements on displaying drillhole data from large databases in version 23.5. Some very large datasets that used to be painful to rotate now spin round smoothly. The beta version for this is out now here and the will be released to everybody in May.

I hope that helps.


Thats perfect, thank you Rupert! Good to know.