Python Script list contents of tridb

Branden 2 months ago in Scripting updated by Maxim (Moderator (RUS)) 2 months ago 1

Is there any python script examples available?

I need to loop through the wireframe database and process items.


Hi Branden,

Could you please explain what kind of processing you would like to do with wireframes? Depending on your answer, there can be a different approach.

For example, if you need to get access to the wireframe's meta information rather than its geometry, you can use the standard sqlite3 library. Here is a small example where I get information about name and author of wireframes:

import sqlite3

tridb_path = r'D:\micromine\wf.tridb'

connection = sqlite3.connect(tridb_path)
cursor = connection.cursor()

sql_request = "SELECT Name, CreateBy FROM GeneralInformation"


print("Name and author: ", cursor.fetchall())

Kind regards,