can any one explain how to use SG model and other assay (Cu) model to calculate resources. These block model are same size and same origin

reso kamberaj 7 months ago in Resource Estimation updated by Steve Rose 7 months ago 6

I would like to use a density block model and a cu model BM to calculate resources

Hi Reso - how are you?

Do you mean you have two separate block models, one with density data, and the other model with the assay information?


Hi Steve

Yes i have two bm , how i can use density BM  in resource calculation

Regards Reso


Hi Reso,

You'll have to combine the files first and then run the block model reporting tool. The best way to combine two block models (if you have the Block Model tab) is to use the Block Model>Reblock Model>Combine tool. This will look after blocks that don't exactly match e.g. if one model is sub-blocked and the other isn't. If you don't have the Block Model tab and if the two block model have exactly the same blocks you could just use the File>Actions>Merge tool, using the X,Y and Z fields as Key Fields. 

Hi Rupert,

how to merge two files: one is SG (support is about 10cm) the other assay interval file where length is about 1m. how does it go can we combine them and still have reasonable results.  my concern is that those have different support

Regards Reso

Hi Reso, 
I was talking about merging block models.

If you want to merge drillhole data that's a different thing. There are a couple of tools that can be used, Drillhole>Data>Merge Drillholes and Drillhole>Composite>Interval. The appropriate method will depend on what you want to use the output for. Could you give some more information?

If you want to estimate assays and density I've often estimated the assays using assay composites and then estimated the density into the same block model but using the density file. That way you don't need to bother with merging the files at all. You'd probably need to alter your search criteria (number of samples etc).

Hi Reso, it sounds like you just need to merge the two models. The estimation of SG into one model, and for assays into the other model has take account of the sample support issue. The tools available in Micromine for merging block models are pretty good. 

The solution offered by Rupert is straightforward. I'd suggest take the block model with the assays, and the data file with the density data and estimate into the  assay block model to create a new field.