Force an extra stage in pit optimization

Richard Siddle 6 months ago in Mining updated 6 months ago 2

I've got an unusal deposit that has a big juicy nugget of high grade at depth, and low grade material above it which is still above cut off. 

If I stage the whole lot I get no pit until RAF0.4 and this give me quite a sizable first stage, as suddenly it gets sucked down to the high grade. Running this in the sheduler mines out the entire stage a bench at a time, but thats inefficent on the stips and is killing my NPV.

I can create a number of earlier stages by ignoring the HG material and code them into the BM or pit points file that would improive the shedule but I cannot see any way to force a manually designed set of stages in the Analysis form. Any ideas? I could try playing with very tiny RAF incrments but from what I've seen once I hit a certain point it will go from zero to hero. 

Hi Richard,

I am glad to hear that you need this feature. We have recently added this functionality to our analysis tool (image below). The custom input allows you to set the operational/designed shells that you would like to run your analysis on. This is a great feature and allows you to have a more realistic analysis of your mine throughout your designed pushbacks.
feel free to reach out our support team if you need any assistance on this.



Image 3861

Hi Lino, thanks for this and sorry for the slow reply. This worked quite well and allowed me to add extra stages into the analysis. However when I ran it by period and then went to look at the pit opt chart I wasn't able to select any cases from the drop down menu, i.e. there was no, Best or CL case written into the mine Optimization database. Not sure if there was something I was doing wrong or if this is a known gap.