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Steve Rose 11 months ago in Vizex updated 11 months ago 7

Is it possible to connect to an aerial map server and then show the image in a projected grid?

So far I have been able to connect to Bing using File/Image/Set up XYZ Tile Server Image, but it displays in WGS84. When I try to convert to a projected grid such as GDA94 the image doesnt display

The image doesnt necessarily need to be Bing - just any aerial photo data base would be great (google satellite etc)




Hi Steve,
Yes, It's possible/easy to convert the coordinates to a projected grid. You have to know what coordinate system you are converting from. Often (but not always) these layers are provided as in the WGS84 Psuedo Mercator coordinate system (EPSG: 3857). You can use the coordinate conversion tool on the input tab of the Image Vizex Layer Display form. I've been using the Google Satellite links here. The EPSG number for GDA94 MGA Zone 50 is 28350, zone 51 is 28351, zone 52 is 28352 etc.

Perfect - works as described! Thanks Rupert.

It's a funny thing - I have been using Micromine for many years, and only just thought that it should be possible to connect to google earth. All this time I have been dropping out of Micromine to use a GIS package instead.


Steve or Rupert - can you please tell me how to connect to Googl Earth (or Bing Maps) - can't seem to get it to work.




Hi Lynn,

The easiest way is to use the XYZ Tiles but these were only made available in Micromine Origin 2023, which was released last week. If you have an older version you could use the WMTS option to create the link but I suggest you update and follow these steps:

  • Find an XYZ Tile URL that you want to use. Some examples are here.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into the URL box in the File>Image>Setup XYZ Tile Services Image. Make sure Auto load is ticked
  • Once the map of the world is displayed in Vizex open the Image layer form from the Vizex Layer Display and setup a Coordinate Conversion.
  • To setup the Coordinate conversion: Right Click in the Conversion box and Give the form a name. Once the Coordinate Conversion box opens enter the EPSG of the XYZ Tile. This will be 3857 as shown in the screen shot above. Then enter the EPSG of the coordinate system your project data is in. You can find EPSG number by pressing the magnifying glass button to the right of the EPSG box if you don't know the number.

Micromine Origin will treat the XYZ Tiles as an image so you can drape it onto a DTM if you wanted to.

I hope that helps.


Thanks a lot Rupert - works perfectly in MM 2023 !

I worked after installing MM Origin 2023 and loading google satellite with the url  


This is a really great tool! Really pleased to have this working.